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Should Homework Be Banned? Here Are Arguments Against This Proposal

Why is homework important? Anyone who has been through the education system must have asked this question at one point. You see, homework is not the most pleasant of topics in school especially when you have little time left to complete the task. Today, most students complain about the workload and it is no wonder studies to test levels of stress among learners are on the rise.

But does this mean after-school assignments are bad? If you are a student, it is important to appreciate these assignments play. As a parent, understanding the importance of homework will also go a long way in helping your child.

Does Homework Cause Stress?

Many people claim giving assignments after school takes a lot of time that would have gone into personal studies. Others claim additional work after school causes stress and little time is available for learners to engage in other social activities unless students pay someone to do homework for them. Now all these claims are legitimate but you have to appreciate the benefits of homework before dismissing it. It would be a case of throwing the baby with bath water.

Some of the reasons every student should embrace after-school assignments include:

  1. It develops a culture of independence: Most students do nothing in class and they are comfortable as joy riders. Through assignments, teachers force encourage them to develop an independent working mentality which in turn helps them both at school and later in life. If they didn't complete such tasks, it would signal something is wrong.
  2. Inculcating responsibility: Learners must take responsibility and one way of motivating them to do this is through school homework. They have to appreciate that this is about them and their future. If there are no tasks given after school, students will coast through the system and inevitably fail in life.
  3. Progress monitoring: When learners do homework, teachers have an opportunity to assess their progress. One of the most important aspects of a successful learning process is a constant evaluation. Your teacher will help you better is they know the problem you face in a particular subject. Without these assignments, it would not be possible to tell if individual students understand concepts taught in class.
  4. Practice makes perfect: It sounds cliché but there is no better way to inculcate ideas in the mind of learners. Through assignments, they practice concepts taught earlier in class and this motivates them even to research further. They can even get more questions and seek guidance from the teacher. Without such tasks, learners would not get motivated.
  5. Promoting critical thinking: Critical thinking is crucial not only in school but also in life. If there is no homework, learners’ minds get rusty and they not only fail in exams but also in life. By actively working on problems at their own time, learners sharpen their brains and can face life situations more comfortably.

Anyone who proposes a ban on after class assignments would be doing injustice to the learners. When well-planned and administered, homework helps in the learning process in a big way.