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Do we need to ban homework for College Students? 

Homework or no homework? Many people are still divided on this contentious issue. This conversation never seems to come to an end. Some feel that homework should be banned but others are convinced that it should stay. Why the difference in opinion? There seem to be valid reasons to either side of the divide. However, the debate continues and there seems to be no consensus coming through any time soon.

As of now, we still have homework going on in colleges and other institutions of learning. These assignments have been very instrumental in the learning process. Owing to their continued use, assignments are believed by proponents to be of great value and importance to students and the teaching fraternity. Even with significant opposition coming from some people in the academic world, homework has come this far and is part and parcel of today's learning.

Benefits of Homework among Students

The continued use of homework among students and in learning institutions hasn't been without reasons. There are key advantages that proponents to homework highlight as the reasons why assignments after class should continue. They are as follows:

  1. They are good for assessment. Teachers have successfully used assignments to evaluate their students and find out if they have been able to understand what was taught in class.
  2. They encourage students to revise for incoming exams. Assignments are seen as a strategy to help learners revise for their exams. As they tackle these assignments, they get a chance to study a lot more about that specific topic and subject.
  3. They teach students important skills in life. Homework instills discipline in students and helps them learn proper time management skills. Since these assignments have deadlines, students learn how to put the effort into what they do and adhere to strict timelines given for each assignment.
  4. They help students understand topics in a better way. By using their notes to do homework, students get the opportunity to relook at what was taught and learn more about what was taught in class. That way, their learning is enhanced.

Disadvantages associated with homework

Homework has also gone through some opposition. Some people believe that it should be banned due to the disadvantages associated with it. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Decreased playtime. Students no longer have time for play due to preoccupation with assignments. This affects their social and physical wellbeing. 
  • Increased stress and depression. Too much work leaving students helpless and stressed. They are always striving to complete the next assignment. 
  • No time for family and friends. Students are occupied round the clock leaving them with no time for friends and family.

Final Thoughts

The discussion about banning homework in learning institutions continues to invite different opinions. However, we have seen much better than bad days with take-home assignments amongst students. In that case, homework appears to be of great value to the learning process. All that is required is to create balance so that both extremes are avoided amongst students.